Searching for data on the Web  

Search Buttons  
Enter a Target Callsign and then click on the 8 Search Buttons until you find the QSL route. You can operate CQ Callbook without removing your hands from the keyboard - each of the 8 function keys activates a search. Striking keys F5 to F8 is equivalent to clicking on a left-column Search Button; striking keys F9 to F12 is equivalent to clicking on a right-column Search Button. Shift and Ctrl expand functions of F5-F12 Search Buttons and give you in total 24 hot keys.  
Dynamic Search  
If you select the Dynamic Search check box then after you enter a Target Callsign, CQ Callbook consults a built-in prefix table to determine the associated DXCC country. If CQ Callbook knows of a Web-accessible callbook for this country, it selects a Country-Specific tab. Then click on the Enter button to find the QSL route.  
Search from List  
Select the necessary tab and then double click on the List for search.  
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