User Interface  

This section describes the user interface components of CQ Callbook.  
Dialog Box Options  
Menu Bar  
The menu bar is intended for control of the program, to customize a program, together with some additional functions.  
Callsign Field  
Allows you to specify a Callsign for searching.  
Dynamic Search  
Specifies Dynamic Search mode.  
Search Buttons  
Click on the eight Search Buttons until you find the QSL route.  
CQ Callbook displays the Stop button while a search is in progress. Click on this button to terminate the search.  
Clicking the Back button displays the Web page you previously visited. Note that this button is not displayed until you leave one Web page for another - either by clicking on a hyperlink, or by clicking on a search button.  
Clicking on the Forward button displays the Web page you visited before clicking the Back button. Note that this button is not displayed until you click the Back button.  
Clicking on the Refresh button reloads the URL that the Web browser is currently displaying.  
Tab Control  
Choose the Callsign Databases, Country-Specific Callbooks, DX Managers, QSL Information, Search Callsign in Bulletins, Tools, DX-Summit, or UserList.  
Choose necessary callbook or QSL route and double click of the mouse to initiate a search.  
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