Custom List of the Links  

You can create a custom list of the links which will be displayed on a User List tab.  
A list of links should be placed in a UserList.txt file which should be placed to the program's folder (where CQCALLBK.EXE is resides). Prepare the file of the links as shown in the figure below.  
1.The first line of each link should contain the name of the tool. For example 3V - Tunisia Callsigns.  
2.The second line - URL. For example  
·If URL requires a Callsign for search, use a tag {RequiredCallsign} (see example for QRZ Callsign Database - QRZ.COM).  
·If URL requires the User Callsign, i.e. your Callsign, use a tag {UserCallsign} (see example for The GOLIST, QSL Manager List).  
All links can be split into groups and each group named. The name of each group should begin with the symbol a semicolon.  
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