Database Files (are located in a X:\CQLog\Data" folder)  

cq.* (3 files)- database  
Database tables  
contest.* (2 files)- contests QSOs  
cqsetup.* (3 files)- setting  
cq_log.* (3 files)- QSOs Data  
itu.* (2 files)- ITU prefixes  
manager.*- (3 files)- addresses QSL managers, bureaus, DXs  
prefix.* - (2 files)- prefixes of the world territories  
testrule.* (3 files)- contests rule  
Award statistics tables  
dig.* (2 files)- DIG club members  
dok.* (2 files)- DLD (German DOK)  
dxcc.* (2 files)- DXCC  
holyland.* (2 files)- HOLYLAND  
iota.* (2 files)- IOTA  
p100o.* (2 files)- P-100-O  
rda.* (2 files)- RUSSIAN DISTRICTS AWARD  
rra.* (2 files)- RUSSIAN ROBINSON  
veteran.* (2 files)- VETERAN club members  
was.dbf- WAS  
waz.* (2 files)- WAZ  
Any tables  
adifdxcc.* (2 files)- ADIF Country Codes and Names  
dxtoday.* (3 files)- DX Calendar  
listname.* (2 files)- names list  
listqth.* - (2 files)- QTH list  
qsl_via.* (2 files)- QSL managers list  
repolist.* - (2 files)- reports list  
rigctrl.* (2 files)- RIG Control data  
sked.* - (2 files)- Skeds information  
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