Integrates with DX Atlas (by VE3NEA)  

CQLog has possibility of interaction with DX Atlas program by VE3NEA (Web site DX Atlas it may be connected automatically in the beginning of each CQLog loading (if install the DX Atlas check box in the Log Setup dialog box) or select of Administration/DX Atlas/Connect item at any moment after CQLog loading.  
After the DX Atlas will be connected there is a possibility to see of the contacted station location on a map in the following cases:  
·At input callsign into Callsign interactive field;  
·At double click of the left mouse button on the Callsign static field;  
·If in the QTH field is present a QTH locator, is possible by clicking the right mouse button on this field and on the opened pop up menu, click Displays QTH Loc Information.  
At CQLog closing of customization DX Atlas (size and placement of the window, show of the prefixes, gray line etc.) will be saved which will be restored at the next loading of CQLog.  
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