Program Errors  

I remark some program errors which I have no possibility to correct at present.  
1.Sometimes at review QSOs on tab List, in tables (they are named - Grid) one and too QSO it may be mirrored two times in succession. It is not an error of the program.  
2.One more error at usage of tables (Grid). An example of an error:  
·For example, the QSO Data Entry window is open and tab List is selected.  
·The focus is placed on the table, i.e. You, have moved the mouse pointer on any record in the table and have pressed the left mouse button (in the table will blink the cursor, it means, that the focus is placed on a unit the table).  
·Now if to open the window, for example Awards and Clubs statistics and to try into Fast Find field enter the information (i.e. to carry out fast search, for example, the prefix) - the error message will be output.  
·It is necessary to ignore error message, having pressed the Ignore button, to select other tab and to return back on the tab Data Entry that this error more did not appear.  
This error does not appear if being in the QSO Data Entry window on tab List:  
·the focus will not be placed on the table.  
·the focus placed on the table, but for example Awards and Clubs statistics window already should be, is open.  
I.e. it is necessary to avoid opening of any window if in this moment in the open window the focus is placed on the table (Grid).  
3.Sometimes at moving on records using toolbar there is an error. For example, Next and Last buttons are disabled, however the subsequent records are present at the table. It is necessary to click Prior button and at once Next and Last buttons will be enabled.  
4.At present it is not realized properly backup copy of data onto diskettes if the database to take more than one diskette.  
5.Sometimes for record saving or the entered changes it is necessary to double-click a shortcut Ctrl+S.  
If you find a problem with CQLog please document how the problem can be observed and email a report to the Please include a full description of your computer system (mem, cpu, speed etc) along with the bug report. Please keep an eye on the Web page for any updates - your 'bug' may have been already corrected in an newer release.  
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