Awards and Clubs - Tab Data Entry  

The Awards and Clubs window will help to keep statistics of the DXCC, IOTA, P-100-O, HOLYLAND, RUSSIAN ROBINSON, RDA, WAS and WAZ awards program. CQLog counts up statistics for the awards separately for four modes and three groups of modes, and also separately for each HF, and for each WARC bands, plus two user's band. For CW, and SSB modes, and for all DIGITAL modes the statistics is count always. Two modes, and three groups of modes for the award statistics can be defined by user. Also award statistics can be count-up for QSL, eQSL, or LoTW QSL. Setup of modes, bands or QSL for statistics in the Log Setup.  
Statistics for awards will be filled automatically, if in the Log Setup are selected Update Award Statistics check boxe.  
The Fast Find fields are intended for a fast data searching. The field, on which there is a search, displays in pop-up hints and hints in status bar. For example, if it is necessary to find Spain, enter the EA prefix into first the Fast Find field, or enter SPAIN into second the Fast Find field. Search is fulfilled interactive.  
In left part of this tab the quantity of the worked and confirmed territories separately on bands and by selected mode is displayed. Select modes from drop-down menu. Below WKD and CFM columns, there are fields displaying total of the worked and confirmed territories all modes and bands (i.e. it not the arithmetic sum of all columns).  
If to move the mouse pointer on the Territory (DXCC), Region (P-100-O), Island (RRA), or Area (WAZ) fields and clicking right mouse button the territory or island title will be changed from Native on English.  
Adding new and editing of existing record is fulfilled as well as in all others of the program windows (see Adding and Editing Records).  
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