Code Page Dialog Box  

Allows you to assign a code page to a .dbf or text file that does not have one.  
.Dbf and text files display properly only if they have the correct code pages. CQLog automatically assigns code pages to these files when you create them. However, .dbf and text files created in other products might not have code pages.  
CQLog prompts you to specify a code page when opening tables or text files that are not marked with a code page.  
Dialog Box Options  
Refers to the type of operating system you are using. Your selection determines which code pages are displayed in the Code Page box.  
·All Displays code pages for all platforms.  
·Windows Displays only Windows code pages.  
·MS-DOS Displays only MS-DOS code pages.  
·Macintosh Displays only Macintosh code pages.  
Code Page  
Lists all the code pages for the selected platform.  
Designates the currently selected code page as the default.  
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