Lists of Managers, Names, and QTHs  

This dialog box is intended for addition and adjustment of QSL - Managers, names, and QTHs lists. The necessary list is selected with the QSL via - Name - QTH option button.  
For fast search of the necessary information move the mouse pointer on the Callsign, Name, or QTH field (specifies by QSL via - Name - QTH) and click the right mouse button. Thus the fast search field will appear.  
The information on QSL-Managers can be updated and adjusted from text files (*.TXT). For example, DX - bulletins from Internet, Radio Packet etc, with use the Data Import\Export dialog box. Current date into the Last Update field can be put, having moved on it a mouse pointer and clicked the right button.  
After clicking on the button (it changed on ) this dialog box is always on top.  
You can add for each QSL - Manager the comment of unlimited length into the Note field. This field can be opened using the button like the Note button in QSO Data Entry window.  
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