QSO Data Entry - Tab Accessories  

On this tab there are additional accessories necessary on-the-air activities. Here it is possible to transfer QTH Locator in coordinates and back, to calculate a direction of the aerial for given QTH Locator, to fill in the application for the award and some other functions.  
Displays the World Map.  
Is intended for Award Application filling.  
Displays radioamateur HF Beacons.  
Displays the Setup dialog box.  
Auto Save QSO  
Like to Save QSO check box, however this button does not change adjustment of the program and is used for effective control of automatic saving the QSO data.  
Awards Update  
At pressing on this button statistics for DXCC, HOLYLAND, P-100-O, RDA, IOTA, RRA, WAS, WAZ, DIG, and Veteran awards will be refreshed. Thus the information into Awards and Clubs database will be brought.At filling statistics on DXCC, WAZ, and P-100-O the lists of callsigns which did not manage to be brought into Awards and Clubs database can be created (the dxcc.txt, waz.txt, and p100o.txt files which will be in a folder CQ_Log\User). This list can be viewed in a Notepad and the put necessary data manually in appropriate fields.  
Worked and confirmed QTH locators to the DX Atlas program (if it is installed on your computer) also will be transferred for displaying to their map of the atlas.  
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