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Callsign Buffer  

By operation with CQLog there is a possibility to save in the buffer up to three callsigns. For this purpose after input callsign it is necessary to click the UP ARROW key and this callsign will be placed into the first buffer. It is similarly possible to place two more callsigns accordingly in the second and third buffers. Callsigns are located in buffers with storage of appropriate frequencies displayed in the RIG Control and Digital Sound window. Active it is considered the buffer, which is taking place in the foreground.  
Being in the Callsign interactive field and having pressed the DOWN ARROW key from the active buffer is returned callsign into Callsign interactive field. Also changes of the receiver frequency will take place if any VFO A or VFO B buttons is pressed (buttons below Callsign field). At pressing the CTRL+UP ARROW or CTRL+DOWN ARROW keys can be moved the saved callsign of inactive buffers into active. Thus if in the Callsign interactive field there is a callsign it will be placed into buffer and into the Callsign interactive field the callsign from the active buffer will be returned. At pressing the CTRL+UP ARROW or CTRL+DOWN ARROWS keys - callsigns (saved in buffers and the callsign entered into Callsign interactive field) will move on a ring.  
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