QSO Data Entry - Tab Data Entry  
Input of a Name and QTH  

At input of a name or QTH (it is possible by upper or lower case, at saving the name or QTH will be converted as proper name) there is a possibility to select value from the list. For this feature it is necessary to select the Suggest Name and QTH from List check box in the Log Setup window. Now every time at input of a name or QTH, the list of possible variants, which will vary dynamically at entered of the next character will be offered. Having pressed ENTER key the first value from the offered list will be brought into Name or QTH field.  
It is possible to pass in the list, having pressed the DOWN ARROW key and moving over the list with the use of arrow keys, to select the necessary value and having pressed ENTER key to copy it into current Name or QTH field.  
For deleting the data in the list it is necessary, arrow keys to select necessary value and to click DELETE key.  
If into the Name or QTH field to enter "?" the list of offered names or QTH will be open where all available values will be reflected.  
You can supplement and edit this list. It is necessary to open the List of QSL Managers\Names\QTHs window using the File menu or by moving the mouse pointer on the Name or QTH field and having pressed the right mouse button.  
Also the data on a name and QTH automatically may be added in the list every time at saving new QSO. For this purpose it is necessary to select the Add the list of Names and QTHs check box in the Log Setup window. However, the data will not be automatically added in the list (and the name or QTH not be converted as proper name) if the first character in the Name or QTH fields is "-" (hyphen).  
Having completed data entry they are necessary for saving, by clicking the Save button on the toolbar. Differently, by clicking the Restore button on the toolbar, it is possible to cancel all operations and to delete not filled record.  
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