QSO Data Entry - Tab Data Entry  
Date and Time Adjustment  

At filing the data into logger the Date and Time fields is filled automatically and contains current date and time (local or UTC, specifying Local Time/UTC option group). However sometimes there is a necessity for correct of date or time (for example at input of QSOs from a draft copy). You have possibility for correct date and time (for example at input of QSOs from a draft copy). For this purpose it is necessary to right-click on the Date field or click the button then this field will change appearance and will be ready for input of new data.  
At data entry from a draft copy for convenience of filling of the Date and Time fields it is possible to press the left button, taking place below interactive Callsign field. In this case the Date field will be automatically opened for input of date and time.  
Having completed data entry they are necessary for saving, by clicking the Save button on the toolbar. Differently, by clicking the Restore button on the toolbar, it is possible to cancel all operations and to delete not filled record.  
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