QSO Data Entry - Tab Data Entry  
QSL, LoTW, and eQSL Exchange, Managers  

You can marks QSL, LoTW, and eQSL status and specify the contacted station's QSL route using necessary fields.  
The QSL status can have the following values:  
·QSL sent status: Y(es), N(o), R(equested), Q(ueued,) I(gnore or Invalid);  
·QSL received status: Y(es), N(o), R(equested), I(gnore or Invalid).  
The button is intended for a sending eQSL, however if to select the Auto Upload check box in Log Setup) window the eQSL will be sent automatically at QSO data saving. Attention! eQSL is sent not at select the Sent check box. eQSL will be sent at click on the button or at saving QSO data.  
If after data saving of the manager, callsign will be painted in red colour - means in the CQLog database there is an information about this QSL manager. This information can be displayed in the Bureaus, Manager and Other Information window.  
Having completed data entry they are necessary for saving, by clicking the Save button on the toolbar. Differently, by clicking the Restore button on the toolbar, it is possible to cancel all operations and to delete not filled record.  
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