QSO Data Entry - Tab List  

This tab is intended for QSOs displaying into grid and realization of some samplings, sortings and orders of data.  
A grid is a container object that displays data in rows and columns and is similar in appearance to a Browse window. A grid is also a container object that contains column objects. A column can contain a Header object and controls. Having moved a mouse pointer on appropriate Header, thus the cursor will look like and, having pressed the left or right mouse button, there is a possibility to orders or select the data. To order the data it is possible by Date, Callsign, Mode, Band, QSL Via, DXCC, IOTA, and RDA.  
Using the right mouse button it is possible to select some necessary records. For example if the cursor in the table is on record with SSTV mode, then at click the right mouse button on Mode Header in the list only displays records with a SSTV mode.  
Also on this a tab there are additional controls.  
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