QSO Data Entry - Tab List  
Sortings and Orderings  

Each column has contain Header object. Having moved a mouse pointer on appropriate Header, thus the cursor will look like and, having pressed the left mouse button, there is a possibility to order the data. Ordering determines the order in which records or rows will be sorted when they appear in the output of this grid. You could sort records by Date, Callsign, Mode, Band, QSL Via, DXCC, IOTA, and RDA. At pressing on Header some times, the data can be ordering on ascending or descending. For example the data are ordered on a callsign by pressing on Callsign Header.  
Using the right mouse button it is possible to select the necessary records. For example: use the record, which have been dated 03.11.1998. Having pressed right mouse button on Date, or Time Headers, thus in the table with 03.11.1998 date records will remained only. If once again to right-click on the Date, or Time Headers, in the table the records which have been dated of 03.11.1998 and more will remained only. It is possible to select with similar way records: in column M (marker), mode, band, and QSL Manager.  
At pressing on Headers of the table where the data of QSL exchange are displayed (QSL, LoTW, and eQSL) the additional menu will be appear. With helps of these menu items is possible to select the necessary records. For example it is possible to select the QSOs for which QSLs are sent, or received; or to select only those QSOs for which are received the QSLs but by which they were not sent.  
All these and much more features on select of the data can be fulfilled with helps of the Data Searching dialog box.  
After above operation and also any searches, in active window only a few records may be displayed. On the toolbar, click the Show All button, or on the Edit menu, click Show All Records for displaying all records again.  
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