QSO Data Entry - Tab SSTV Picture  
Saving and Deleting of Pictures  

For convenience of Pictures filing in a logger it is necessary to select the directory, in which will be stored pictures. Click the Select Directory button, thus displays the Select Directory dialog box from which you can choose a necessary directory.  
For to put a picture into a logger select the necessary buffer with Pic.1-Pic.3 button and click Change Picture button, thus displays the Open Picture dialog box and returns the picture file you chose for to put it into a logger. If to move a mouse pointer on appropriate Pic.1-Pic.3 button in the ToolTip text the filename to which this button is connected will be reflected.  
For deleting a picture from the buffer, it is necessary to select the appropriate buffer (Pic.1-Pic.3 button) and to click Delete Picture button. As a result of it the buffer will be cleared, thus the appropriate indicator will change the color on green. At deleting a picture the question on necessity of the file deleting of a picture from a hard disk will be given. Be attentive at deleting the file!  
See the Note for details.  
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