QSO Data Entry - Tab SSTV Picture  
Usage Clipboard  

Received a picture it is possible to put from a Clipboard or from SSTV programs. Now CQLog supports a direct exchange of the pictures with the ChromaPIX, JVComm32, and MMSSTV programs. For an exchange of the pictures with others SSTV programs through Clipboard the button is used. By pressing this button, picture from a Clipboard will be reflected (before in the SSTV program to put picture into Clipboard). The indicator Pic.1-Pic.3 buttons will change the color on yellow if the picture will be brought in the empty buffer or violet if the picture will be brought in already occupied buffer.  
At this time the button becomes active. Using this button the picture will be brought into logger and on a hard disk in the directory indicated in the Directory for Save field (the CALL+N.BMP file name). If the picture was brought in the occupied buffer then at saving a picture the question on replacement of the existing picture file on a hard disk on the new picture file will be given. Be attentive! At refusal to replace the existing picture file, the picture will be saved under a name generated by the program (the CALL+N.BMP file name).  
You can use the button through Clipboard to send a picture from CQLog into the SSTV program.  
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