QSO Data Entry - Tab SSTV Picture  
Printing SSTV Labels  

You can to print labels with pictures and to send them together with a QSL card. Using the button (on this tab) it is possible to open the SSTV Pictures for Printing window, which is used for preparation of the printing mockup of stickers.  
The program allows printing on one list of A4 format - 8, 15, or 28 stickers in scales of 100 %, 75 % or 50 % accordingly. One 100 % scale picture has sizes 340x256 points. For preparation of the printing mockup of stickers it is necessary to fulfil following steps.  
After the mockup is prepared will be necessary to open Print Report dialog box and to print stickers, having selected Output Type - Labels and further SSTV Picture on a ... % Scale.  
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