Page Setup Dialog Box  

Lets you adjust column width and page layout for reports or labels. The settings you can adjust in this dialog box depend on the printer you have installed, and these settings are saved with the report or label.  
This dialog box appears when you select Page Setup from the File menu.  
Dialog Box Options  
Page Layout  
Provides a graphical representation of the page, which reflects your layout in the Report Designer and Label Designer, and the settings you select or type in the Page Setup dialog box.  
Specifies the number of columns to print across the page.  
Specifies the width of individual columns, in inches or centimeters.  
Specifies the space between columns, in inches or centimeters.  
Print Area  
Printable Page  
Specifies that the requirements of the currently selected printer driver determine the minimum margins.  
Whole Page  
Specifies that the paper size determines the minimum margins.  
Left Margin  
Specifies the width of the left margin, in inches or centimeters.  
Indicates whether column width and spacing is reckoned in inches or centimeters.  
Print Order  
Specifies how records wrap when you have multiple columns.  
Print Setup  
Displays the Print Setup Dialog Box, where you select a printer, printer path, and paper setting.  
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