RIG Control and Tape Recorder  
Window Options  

The Band, Frequency, and Mode will be filled in a log by next rules:  
·At the opened RIG Control - data displayed in the RIG Control window;  
·At the closed RIG Control - data from previous QSO;  
·At use of the digital program, for example MixW2 - the data displayed in the digital program, i.e. MixW2.  
Please note: for filling a Frequency field should be selected the Fill Last Frequency check box in the Log Setup window.  
If you use the RIG which is connected to the computer through COM or USB port, and in the customize a program dialog box the appropriate adjustments the RIG Control window displays the data read from the RIG and these data will be filled in a log. Only it is necessary to note, that at the connected receiver the RIG Control window has the smaller size  
(bands and modes groups are not displayed) and refresh of indications is specified by selected values from the Update Rate drop-down menu (see customize a program dialog box).  
Notice! If you use the RIG which is connected to the computer then for exception of conflicts between the RIG Control window and the MixW2 program, the RIG Control window needs to be closed.  
At pressing it button the digital tape recorder control panel will be available.  
Exchanges transmit and receive.  
Split 5 and Split 10  
At left button click the Split Up operation ON with a frequency space 5 or 10 kHz accordingly. At right button click the Split Down operation ON with a frequency space 5 kHz or 10 kHz accordingly.  
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