Customize a Program  

This window used for program customization.  

Personal Data  
Contains are data about an operator (name, address, QTH locator etc.) on the English and Native languages. These data are used at filling documents (application for the awards, contests reports etc).  
Contains options for program customization at use of external callbooks databases.  
External Programs  
Specifies path to programs, which will open automatically at start of CQLog. On same tab the external program is selected (by digital modes operation), from which there is an automatic data exchange.  
Print Reports  
Contains options for adjustment at print reports from MSWord.  
Contains options for adjustment a COM port for the RIG connection (the automatic input of frequency, MODE and BAND into a logger will be used).  
Specifies the captions of buttons and WAV-files for playing by the digital tape recorder.  
User Interface  
Contains options for adjustment of the user interface, disable notifications windows etc.  
Contains additional options for customization. On this tab also it will be possible to assign prefixes for which Auto Switching of Keyboard Layouts will be occurs.  
Contains options for adjustment of the Internet parameters (Proxy,  
Specifies user modes and user bands for award statistics.  
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