Customize a Program – Tab Print Reports  

The tab specify rules to form a print listing of QSL, and labels.  
Tab Options  
Filter As Default  
Specifies what if the user filter is empty when the filter by default will be used:  
·Marker – list for marked records will be created;  
·QSL Requested or Queued - list for QSL requested or queued will be created;  
·QSL Rvcd but Not Sent - list for QSL received but not sent will be created.  
Addresses List from ... QRZ, RAC, RIC, Not Use  
Specifies the database for creation of the contacted stations addresses list.  
Managers ... Replace, Add  
Specifies what the contacted station's addresses will be replaced by manager's addresses or manager's addresses will be added to the list of contacted station's addresses.  
Managers ... Add "via"  
Specifies what "via" will be add to the manager's callsign (like "via W3HNK").  
QSL Message  
Usage of the macro <NAME> is possible. In this case at printing the on QSL, macro <NAME> will be replaced with a contacted station's name.  
Personal Info  
Use this field for personal information (CQ, ITU, IOTA etc) for print on QSL as the personal information.  
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