Customize a Program - Tab Internet Settings  

The tab is intended for adjustment of necessary parameters used by CQLog at interaction with the Internet.  
Tab Options  
Proxy addr ... port  
Enter here the Address and Port if you use connection to the Internet via Proxy.  
Use Proxy  
Select these check box if you use connection to the Internet via Proxy.. psw and Auto Upload check box  
These options are used for operation by eQSL - The Electronic QSL Card Centre. CQLog has possibility to export the data onto in Real-Time (i.e. there is no necessity to start Web browser, go to Login Page, to enter the password and to upload the ADIF file onto a site). For export of the data onto - enter into the Password field your password. At select the Auto Upload check box, eQSL will be automatically sent on at saving QSO data in the QSO Data Entry window. Do not forget to connect to the Internet at export of the data onto  
LoTW psw  
LoTW password will be used at download ADIF log file from the LoTW server.  
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