To Appoint the Skeds, Alarm Clock  

By on-the-air activities sometimes there is necessity to appoint the Sked (QSO under the arrangement). CQLog allows to save the data of several Skeds and to turn on an alarm clock, i.e. a reminder that the Sked appointed for you in given time. The first time you run this window, it is not opened completely. Click the button for open this window completely.  
Use a double click the left mouse button on the necessary date on a calendar for to appoint the Sked. As a result of it this window will be changed - where there is a possibility to enter the additional data on a QSO appointed. The remark! Use computer clock for specifies the time of the Sked.  
The button is intended to close this window (click of the right mouse button on this button) or to turn on an alarm clock (click of the left mouse button on this button). Two minutes prior to the QSO appointed, this window would open, having reminded about Sked.  
This window is the constituent of CQLog and at closing CQLog is closed also. Thus that the alarm clock has reminded of the QSO appointed, CQLog should be loaded but may be minimized.  
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