Contest Rules - Tab Exchange  

This tab is intended for installation: rules of receive and transmit of serial numbers, a rule "10 minutes" (i.e. time during which is impossible to change band and (or) a mode) and a rule of valid repetitions.  
On this example displays how to select check boxes for ARI International DX Contest:  
·Received serial number should be: RS (T) + QSO number, but for received serial number from the Italian radioamateurs select also - RS (T) + abbreviation (province);  
·If in the DXCC Prefixes List field to point the "Italian" prefixes, it will create the defined convenience by operation. In this case cursor will be automatically installed in the necessary field of received check number;  
·Transmitted serial number should be: RS (T) + QSO number;  
·In these contests the bands and the modes can be changed not more often than once 10 minutes;  
·Repetitions are allowed on different bands and on different modes per band.  
Save entered data by clicking the Save button on the toolbar, or by clicking the Save item on the File menu.  
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