Contest Rules - Tab QSO Points  

This page is intended for a rule installation for keep count of points for QSO.  
On this example displays how to select check boxes for ARI International DX Contest to keep count of points for RA3DCT:  
·The Prefix of the participant for contest - RA; continent - EU (see Countries and Territories).  
·For QSO with the (RA) territory - 0 points;  
·For QSO with the I (Italian radioamateurs) - 10 points;  
·For QSO with (EU) continent - 1 points;  
·For QSO with other continent - 3 points.  
Into fields which are filled by the prefixes, it is necessary to put the DXCC, or COMMON prefixes. These prefixes need be "to taken" from the Countries and Territories window. The difference DXCC from COMMON is more convenient for understanding on an example of Russia. For Russia of the DXCC prefix can be RA6, or RA0 i.e. the European, or Asian part of Russia and the COMMON prefix - RA i.e. all Russia wholly.  
If necessary the list fillings (in other contests) click the Open List button and fill data into appeared field with "-" delimiter. Into this field it is possible to put the DXCC, or COMMON prefixes depending on a situation and it are filled by a rule: COMMON:-OK-OM-, or DXCC:-OK-OM- For the help by filling fields of the prefixes there is a Select and Adds Prefixes dialog box. It can be opened if to click the right mouse button in a field, where it is necessary to put the prefixes into the list.  
Save entered data by clicking the Save button on the toolbar, or by clicking the Save item on the File menu.  
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