Menu Bar  

A menu bar is a special area displayed across the top of a window directly below the title bar. A menu bar includes a set of entries called menu titles. Each menu title provides access to a drop-down menu composed of a collection of menu items, or choices for control of the program, opening of the program window, editing, and moving on records in active windows, and more.  

Menu Titles  
Contains options that allow you to create, save, and otherwise manipulate records. Opens the Backup Setup, Service of the Database, and Import/Export dialog boxes. You can also enter printer information, print files and exit CQLog.  

Contains options for copy/paste functions with clipboard, searching for ... and manipulating text.  
Opening of the program windows.  
Contains options for navigate through records on the active window.  
Displays the names of open windows and allows you to choose from them and hides windows.  
Contains an option for accessing the online Help feature and gives information on how to get technical assistance. Also it menu contains options for searching and reflecting data from callbook. It displays the About dialog box, which contains information about CQLog, your system and the information of the registered user.  
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