Designing Reports and Labels  

In the Print Report dialog box, specify the necessary document, select Modify and click Run. The Report Designer appear.  
In the bands of the Report Designer, you can insert a variety of controls that hold the labels, fields, variables, and expressions that you want in the printed report. To enhance your report's visual appeal and readability, you can add line, rectangle, and rounded rectangle controls. You can also include picture controls. Each of these controls are shown in the figure below.  
You can set the left margin, paper size, and orientation for your report, as well as, the column widths and space between columns for a multicolumn report. The Report Designer does not display these settings. These settings will be available in the Page Setup dialog box. The Report Designer shows only the area within the margins that contains one record in a column on the page.  
If you change the paper size and orientation settings (with the Print Setup dialog box), make sure that the orientation is correct for the paper size you select. For example, if you select an envelope, the orientation should be set to Landscape.  
Caution If you get the prompt, "Do you want to save changes to Report?", you have selected to close not just the Designer window, but also the layout file. You can select Cancel to return to Designer mode or Yes to save your changes and close the file. If you select No, any changes you made to the layout will not be saved.  
Note. For start the Print Setup and Page Setup dialog boxes select appropriate menu commands in the File menu.  
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