Step-by-step for Printing the RDA Application  

The following example shows a sequence of operations, which are necessary for doing for printing the RDA application (thus it is meant, that the data about RDA are brought in a RDA field like "MO-71" template).  
Select confirmed QSOs - on the tab List it is necessary to move the mouse pointer to the header of a QSL(r) column and to click the left mouse button.  
1.elect tab Accessories and by pressing on the Award button for open fields for filling the award application.  
2.Enter RDA in the Award Title field.  
3.On necessity fill the Number and date of basic Award and Total of QSL-cards Enclosed fields.  
Use the Print Report dialog box from which you can choose a print out of the RDA Application Form. This dialog box appears when you click the button on the toolbar.  
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