QTH Locators  

Concept a QTH - locator, as a rule, is well known all who ever worked on VHF. With application good equipment's and increase of overlapped distances at VHF since January, 1, 1985 new system a QTH - locator is entered.  
All globe is divided into 324 sectors which are designated by two CAPS LOCK characters of the Latin alphabet and have the following a size:  
·On a latitude - 10 degrees (1114,28 km);  
·On a longitude - 20 degrees (1560 km).  
Each such sector is divided into 100 big squares, which are designated by two DIGITS and have following sizes:  
·On a latitude - 1 degree (78 km);  
·On a longitude - 2 degrees (111,42 km).  
Further each such big square is divided into 576 small squares; these small squares are designated by two SMALL characters of the Latin alphabet and have the following sizes:  
·On a latitude - 2,5 minutes (4,64 km);  
·On a longitude - 5 minutes (6,5 km).  
For example: RA3DCT QTH Locator - KO94mx.  
This QTH locator now is used practically in all modern logging programs for definition of an azimuth of turn of aerials and distances up to the contacted station. Besides many programs under DOS and Windows for calculation a QTH - locator on geographical coordinates and on the contrary, geographical coordinates to a QTH - locator and also definitions of distance and an azimuth to QTH - locators are distributed.  
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