Report Controls Toolbar  

You can create controls on your report or label with the Report Controls toolbar. Click the button for the control you want, position the mouse pointer on the report, and click the report to place the control or drag it to size.  
On a report, you can double-click any control to display a dialog box for setting options.  
This toolbar is displayed automatically when you open the Report Designer. If the toolbar will not be displayed automatically, from the View menu, choose Report Controls Toolbar.  
This toolbar contains the following buttons.  
Toolbar Buttons  
Select Objects - Resizes and moves controls. After you create a control, the Select Objects button is automatically reselected, unless the Button Lock button is pressed down.  
Label - Creates a label control, used for text that you don't want the user to change, such as a caption above check boxes or under a graphic.  
Field - Creates a field control, used to display the contents of a table's field, memory variable, or other expression.  
Line - Use to draw a variety of line styles on your report at design time.  
Rectangle - Use to draw rectangles on your report.  
Rounded Rectangle - Use to draw rectangles with rounded corners and ellipse shapes on your report.  
Picture - Use to display a picture or contents of a general data field on your report.  
Button Lock - Allows you to add multiple controls of the same type without having to click the control button on the toolbar more than once.  
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